SHM Solutions Case Study

DAQRI Worksense delivers remote support capabilities that improve customer experience and reduce downtime

SHM Solutions is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary technology company with extensive experience in the maritime industry, aquaculture and seafood sector. They specialize in cranes, lifting and handling equipment. They also provide innovative solutions for digital remote support, VR / AR and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).


The Problem

SHM Solutions is based in Norway, where travel is difficult and expensive due to over 100,000 km of coastline in the country. It can take many hours to get from one job site to the next. This forces customers to wait for the support they need to keep their equipment running. SHM Solutions needed a way to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot equipment malfunctions. They wanted to be able to see the jobsite without having to be there.


The Solution

SHM uses Show, a DAQRI Worksense application, to collaborate with their customers using video chat plus digital annotations to solve issues remotely. The onsite technician simply puts on the DAQRI Smart Glasses and initiates a Show call to SHM Solutions. Once connected, the SHM Expert can view a video feed of exactly what the technician is dealing with on the jobsite. The expert can provide tailored feedback to help the technician get the equipment back up and running. SHM Solutions is building a hub service around the Show application, being able to serve the whole aquaculture industry with a versatile and complex AR solution. DAQRI Worksense™ uses Amazon Web Services’ secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure to deliver AR tools anywhere in the world to help clients like SHM Solutions.

The Result

For SHM Solutions, the immediate result is a tremendous savings on travel expenses to remote job sites. More importantly, their customers are benefitting from faster response times and more effective troubleshooting. This leads to less equipment downtime and increased revenue for their customers.