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Over the past several years we have made it our mission to empower you to transform and enhance the educational experience using augmented reality. During this time, we have had the privilege to work in close collaboration with many passionate students and faculty around the world.

As our company continues to evolve, it is imperative we have unparalleled focus as we continue to redefine what is humanly possible.

Education and access to information remain a core value here. We will continue down our path to create groundbreaking AR products and technologies that enhance human capabilities in the workplace and beyond.

In the near future, we will sunset our DAQRI Education social media channels, but hope you continue being a part of the DAQRI community by liking the DAQRI Facebook page and following us on Twitter @DAQRI.

We sincerely thank you all for the impact you have each day on students, and for being a special part of our company.

- DAQRI Team