DAQRI Smart Helmet®: Oil and Gas

DAQRI Smart Helmet® Scenario: Oil and Gas Onshore Personnel Tracking

December 19, 2016

dsh oil and gas onshore personnel tracking
In our previous scenario, we told you the impact that augmented reality, delivered by DAQRI Smart Helmet, can have on an aerospace assembler with a reduction in assembly errors and schedule improvement.

Let’s examine another way DAQRI Smart Helmet can impact work today.

Imagine an operator maintainer at an onshore oil and gas facility.

We’ll call her Joanna.

In the event of an emergency, information is relayed to a facility’s Emergency/Mass Notification System which is monitored by a control room Operator. Joanna would be alerted to a safety or security incident in this traditional manner, and have to consult paper directions, or rely on her last training procedure, to know how and where to proceed.

Now, let’s outfit Joanna with DAQRI Smart Helmet™ and see how things change.

In the event of a safety or security incident raising an alarm, Joanna and all employees wearing DAQRI Smart Helmet receive an emergency alert notification, speeding up their reaction time to the event. Additionally, directions to the muster location appear directly in Joanna’s field-of-view, assuring that she arrives there safely and quickly. The Operator or Incident Commander could quickly assess the location of all personnel wearing helmets in relation to the emergency incident and assign them a muster location and route. Because of this, field personnel can be quickly accounted for or located.

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Helmet?

Safety. Not only was DAQRI Smart Helmet an investment in productivity, it signaled to the worker that their safety is also of the utmost importance. This will also enable emergency care teams to more quickly locate a down man during an incident.

But how does Joanna feel?

Joanna feels valued, knowing that in the event of a work emergency, she will be immediately alerted and safely guided to her muster location.

The impact of DAQRI Smart Helmet goes beyond productivity. Having the right bit of knowledge at the right time and place can be immeasurably useful in the event of an emergency. Imagine what you would do if you could always make the right decision.

Now, stop imagining, because DAQRI Smart Helmet is available to change the way you work today.

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