DAQRI Smart Helmet®: Heavy Manufacturing

DAQRI Smart Helmet Scenario: Heavy Manufacturing Workflow Management

December 20, 2016

dsh heavy manufacturing workflow

In previous scenarios, we looked at the impact that augmented reality, delivered by DAQRI Smart Helmet™, can have on an aerospace assembler and an operator maintainer at an onshore oil and gas facility.

Let’s think of how DAQRI Smart Helmet can improve on work done in heavy manufacturing.

Imagine a foreman at a heavy manufacturing site.

We’ll call him Eric.

Eric is responsible for a team of fitters. To get a sense of progress, he has to eyeball assemblies or trust estimates to infer the time to completion. This can interfere with his ability to prioritize resources and set precise goals for his team.

Now, let’s give Eric DAQRI Smart Helmet and see how things change.

Firstly, Eric is primed for success by engineers and shop planners on his team. They create model based instructions and align rendered snapshots with assembly project plan milestones.

Eric, wearing DAQRI Smart Helmet, views these augmented work instructions in position of assembly and at scale. He’s also able to visually compare a job’s physical progress with AR work instructions for any milestone step in the plan, accurately knowing at a glance the degree of completion. Using the established AR milestones, he sets individual and crew goals for the day or week, knowing that his team will be able to log progress.

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Helmet?

The addition of DAQRI Smart Helmet improved resource prioritization and goal setting. This will also yield improvement in progress estimations, decreasing schedule variance.

But how does Eric feel?

Eric feels informed. In addition to the optimized performance of his fitters through their use of augmented work instructions, Eric can also stay acutely aware of progress, elevating the level of communication and setting himself, and his team, up for success.

DAQRI Smart Helmet might not allow Eric to see the future, but it provides keen insights into his team’s progress as if it could. Imagine what you would do if you could stay steps ahead of the work being done around you.

Now, stop imagining, because DAQRI Smart Helmet is available to change the way you work today.

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