Data Visualization for Medical Training

DAQRI Smart Glasses Scenario #5: Data Visualization for Medical Training

January 26, 2017

We’ve touched on how DAQRI Smart Glasses™ can impact work through jet engine maintenance inspection, guided work instructions and inventory in lean manufacturing, and high end visualization in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

Let’s take a look at another way DAQRI Smart Glasses can affect you, even when you’re not wearing them.

Imagine a doctor training to perform a total knee replacement.

We’ll call him Dr. Powell.
dsg data visualization for medical
All of the information Dr. Powell needs, from vital signs to medications, from allergies to patient history, are dispersed across the operating room setting which can impede or hinder his ability to learn.

Now, let’s give Dr. Powell DAQRI Smart Glasses and see how things change.

Placed in the same training situation, Dr. Powell, wearing DAQRI Smart Glasses, can now access critical medical information without taking his attention away from his patient. Progress on the procedure is monitored as well as the correct equipment and tools needed along the way to properly complete each step and task. Overlay geometry ensures perfect structural placement. Along the way, his process is monitored to ensure that notes and review are appropriately focussed.

dsg data visualization knee surgery 1

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Glasses?

Total immersive knowledge. With the addition of DAQRI Smart Glasses, training procedures will always be expertly performed and the information needed to do so will always be readily displayed. The doctor’s attention will never have to leave the patient in his care. This will carry into actual procedures and provide for them to be safer and quicker with reduced complications.

dsg data visualization knee surgery 2

But how does Dr. Powell feel?

Dr. Powell feels calm, even in the face of learning life-changing procedures, because actionable, patient information is always available to him from day one.

Data visualization in the operating room is game changing, but don’t just take our word for it.

Be like Dr. Powell and join the DAQRI Smart Glasses Developer Program right now.

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