DAQRI Smart Glasses: Aviation Inspection

DAQRI Smart Glasses Scenario #1: Aviation Inspection

January 06, 2017

We’ve looked at the impact that DAQRI Smart Helmet™ can have on aerospace, onshore oil and gas, and heavy manufacturing. But what about environments where a hard hat isn’t needed? This very question motivated the creation of DAQRI Smart Glasses™ to deliver the power of industrial augmented reality solutions in a new form factor.

Just as with our series on DAQRI Smart Helmet, it is our hope that, through exploring DAQRI Smart Glasses, we’ll be able to highlight the immediate impact this new iteration of DAQRI AR technology can have on a variety of industries, including yours.

Let’s take a look at the way DAQRI Smart Glasses can affect a typical day’s work.

Imagine an engineer performing a required maintenance inspection on a jet engine.

We’ll call her Linda.
dsg aviation inspection 1
Linda often needs to consult paper manuals for reference, slowing down her workflow, and, at times, requiring one or both of her hands to be otherwise engaged. While she can follow schematics, there are no guarantees of accuracy. Though she’s been trained for her job, she may not be familiar with this particular engine. Additionally, Linda is personally responsible for logging the completed work.

Now, let’s give Linda DAQRI Smart Glasses and see how things change.

Before Linda puts on DAQRI Smart Glasses, other engineers on her team have produced AR instructions to ensure work is done fully, completely, and with the highest levels of accuracy.

dsg aviation inspection 2
Linda, wearing DAQRI Smart Glasses, receives a maintenance inspection order. On-site, she can view model-based instructions while she performs this work. She is able to interact with the augmented work instructions, delivered directly to her viewpoint, from any perspective needed, increasing accuracy. With step-by-step instructions, she knows she’ll complete her tasks in the correct order. If she encounters any issues, Linda can also use Remote Expert to quickly check in with Engineering by calling someone on the team, anywhere in the world. Completed, the work is logged by DAQRI Smart Glasses and instantly available to anyone who needs to access the inspection’s status.

dsg aviation inspection 3

What was accomplished in this workflow with the inclusion of DAQRI Smart Glasses?

Accuracy. Because a plane traverses the world, inspections could take place at any site, at any time, and across-the-board consistency is essential. With the help of DAQRI Smart Glasses, inspection steps are followed precisely, in proper order, and logged, no matter where or who performs them.

But how does Linda feel?

Linda feels secure in the knowledge that she has successfully performed her critical work.

The impact of DAQRI AR technology, in this case DAQRI Smart Glasses, isn’t just felt through increased accuracy and efficiency. Imagine the global impact of keeping airplanes safe between destinations.

You don’t have to imagine, because you can join the DAQRI Smart Glasses Developer Program right now.

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