DAQRI Smart Glasses™ for Smart Workers

February 02, 2017

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If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’re probably well acquainted with our newest release, DAQRI Smart Glasses™. We’re delighted to see how creative minds are implementing DAQRI Smart Glasses into their work environment.

When designing our glasses, we envisioned how they could flourish in a few key areas, and thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight some of those use cases here.


It’s not hard to foresee a future where augmented reality enters the surgical theater. With DAQRI Smart Glasses, that future is fast approaching. With guided work instructions and a dedicated vision processor for highly-accurate, low-power, robust AR, DAQRI Smart Glasses are the ideal operating assistant.

This last month, at CES in Las Vegas, Touch Surgery, the London based health technology company, announced support for a new type of deeply immersive surgical training — and the potential to assist in an operating room — with DAQRI Smart Glasses.

touch surgery

Aviation and Aerospace

Every day, thousands of aircraft must receive pre-flight, turn-around, and post-flight inspections to ensure they continue to function safely. In the course of an operational period, these inspections are almost always carried out by different people, with different levels of experience, and usually in different cities. These are multi-point inspections (some over 70 items), performed in every type of weather condition on some of the most complicated machines ever made. Learning how to perform these inspections takes months for each type of aircraft, and occasionally error creeps in around the edges of acceptability.

We see this task being expedited and eradicated of error with technology provided by DAQRI Smart Glasses. With direction supported by our unique VIO system, augmented display, and the capability to quickly capture data (image, video, depth, audio, and device pose estimation), fleets can improve aircraft uptime, train operators, and will be invaluable to investigations.

Architecture and AEC

While DAQRI Smart Helmet™ is an incredibly useful tool out in the field and on the construction site, we believe DAQRI Smart Glasses will be your primary tool during the pre and post construction phases. The ability to bring architecture to life in the early phases of design and development, and preserve them over time with the help of augmented facility management tools, will aid conceptualization, production and prolong the life and safety of future buildings.

Lean Manufacturing

Augmented work instructions that help increase production quality and assist in inventory processing are only a few ways we see DAQRI Smart Glasses being used in Lean Manufacturing. Warehouse maintenance is essential to smooth operation, as are operator rounds. Materials and tools will be properly identified even as the information to complete tasks is delivered at the right place and time, bringing all new levels of efficiency to the process.

Endless Opportunities

Like we’ve said before, we know that brilliant minds around the world see opportunities for the DAQRI Smart Glasses that we have yet to imagine, and we’d love to know what those are. See a way that DAQRI Smart Glasses can integrate into your work environment? Let us know! Contact us today.

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