DAQRI's Spooktacul-AR Halloween

Here at DAQRI, we never forget to have fun. Check out these highlights from our Halloween festivities.

October 31, 2017

Sometimes you don't even need augmented reality to augment your reality. Sometimes you can change your whole world with a costume. Our DAQRI team let their creativity run wild this Halloween, as you can see here.

halloween 2017 ariel

Two characters from Toy Story share a laugh.

halloween 2017 woody

...As does at least one more.

halloween 2017 ewok

What? You've never seen an Ewok taking a selfie before?

halloween 2017 mad hatter

Our host delivers mirth and extremely large pizzas.

halloween 2017 butterfly

We've spotted the last butterfly of the season.

halloween 2017 lucas

Even DAQRI Smart Glasses embraced the Halloween spirit.

halloween 2017 sloth

We've spotted a sloth around the offices. We hope this means Kristen Bell will also make an appearance.