April 21, 2017

a look ahead at hannover messe 1
We are excited to literally show the world our products at Hannover Messe, the world’s leading industrial show, from April 24th to April 28th. With 6,500 exhibitors and about 200,000 attendees, this is a global showcase not to be matched.

While there, we’ll showcase how DAQRI technology is going to change the way we work, the way we drive, and the way we live.

Specifically, our products -

DAQRI Smart Helmet®, DAQRI Smart Glasses™, DAQRI Qube™, and DAQRI Smart HUD™.

But before we get into our technology, let’s talk about what they deliver — augmented reality.

For those of you unfamiliar, augmented reality, or AR, uses computer vision to deliver contextually relevant, actionable information to the world around you. Now with an understanding of what constitutes AR, let’s talk about DAQRI Smart Helmet.

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DAQRI Smart Helmet®

DAQRI Smart Helmet is the first augmented reality helmet form-factor purpose built for use in industrial IoT environments that require hard-hats. DAQRI Smart Helmet is our most powerful AR wearable that combines advanced processing power, cameras, and sensors to enable unsurpassed computer vision and AR experiences. And it is designed to satisfy personal protection equipment requirements.

It incorporates an Intel core M7 processor, and the latest Intel® RealSense™ camera technology to deliver on the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things in an actionable way. We’ve taken the protection a worker needs and added in all the information they want.

DAQRI Smart Helmet is unique in that it is equipped with a thermal camera. You’ll see the capabilities of the thermal camera when using it, but also when accessing Thermographer, an exciting new 3-D thermal mapping service for DAQRI Smart Helmet®.

Did you know that DAQRI Smart Helmet was only one of the form factors that we’ve built with this architecture?

a look ahead at hannover messe 3

DAQRI Smart Glasses™

Not all work or worksites require the protection of a hard hat. That is why we built DAQRI Smart Glasses, a brand new form factor with the same underlying power.

DAQRI Smart Helmet was purpose-built in the hard hat form factor for industries where personal protection equipment (PPE) is a necessity. As different verticals like AEC saw the possibility of augmented reality in their workflow, the need for an additional form factor arose. Because of the similarities in architecture, we were able to put all of the R&D we put into DAQRI Smart Helmet into DAQRI Smart Glasses to elevate them to the same level of excellence.

What if you need something in addition to your wearables to deliver the power of computer vision to your workforce? That’s where DAQRI Qube comes in.

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DAQRI Qube brings the power of the DAQRI Visual Operating System to any person, vehicle, or machine in a compact computer vision platform, ready to embed or deploy. Bring your fleet or workforce into the digital age.

Where else can you find DAQRI technology impacting the world around you? You’ll find it on the road with DAQRI Smart HUD.

a look ahead at hannover messe 5


DAQRI Smart HUD delivers a safer, more enhanced driving experience with a head-up display designed in collaboration with automotive specialists.

On top of a potentially infinite display depth, there’s a 300% wider field of view and 1.87 times greater color range. All of this delivered by a 75% smaller unit that consumes 75% less power. This is critically important as space and power are a premium inside cars.

DAQRI Smart HUDS are in hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road today.

See this all in action

The DAQRI ecosystem of products is growing and improving lives everyday.

At DAQRI, we’re delivering on the promise of humanity by providing the technological support to elevate abilities to new levels, using augmented reality to change the way we work, drive, and live.

We hope you can join us at Hannover Messe!

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