4 Ways DAQRI Will Transform Your Work

The goal wasn’t to change everything, but with DAQRI Smart Helmet, we have.

December 16, 2016

4 ways dsh will transform the way you work

Every industrial operation comes with a different set of complex challenges. At DAQRI, we don’t presume to know them all, but what we can do is supply you with a powerful AR tool that enables new solutions. While all the AR hype today is around how it can be leveraged for personal use, DAQRI Smart Helmet™ is the only product on the market specifically designed for industry.


Operator/Maintainer (O/M) rounds are a crucial part of any industrial operation. Imagine how much more efficient they would be if you could combine all your company manuals, guides, and apps, and synthesize them to give workers a new way to see data right on the factory floor. Our AR does just that. It overlays critical information onto your physical world to provide a status overview of every piece of equipment by simply looking at it.

On the floor in a food & beverage plant, DAQRI Smart Helmet enables the O/M to make their rounds easier than ever. In addition to streamlining visual inspections, the O/M gets lube oil, discharge pressure, and bearing vibration readings delivered right before their eyes. A worker’s job is simplified, and in turn, the company now has a stronger command over asset performance management.


When tablets hit the workplace in their ruggedized cases, they were revolutionary, but many workers still needed to run manual diagnostic tests or record local gauge readings while keeping their hands free. Being able to identify hazardous work conditions on the fly is a big leap toward workplace safety. With thermal vision, workers can see if the process piping or electrical boxes they are working with are too hot to touch, eliminating accidental burns. It’s another diagnostic tool that will help keep critical equipment, such as motor or pump bearings, running longer.

In a consumer package goods factory, the DAQRI Smart Helmet Thermal Imaging camera helps workers effectively monitor heavy equipment with hands-free infrared thermography. By providing local gauge and instant temperature readouts on rotation equipment and conveyor systems on the batch production line, O/Ms can increase the overall speed and safety of analyzing temperatures on the job, while companies increase production through improved asset reliability and uptime.


If there is one trend that truly defines the next generation of plant workers, it’s collaboration, and AR is an important tool to enable that co-working. New workers’ use of collaboration includes: working in a multi-department unit consisting of operations, maintenance, production and business roles, input from experts at other locations or business units throughout the enterprise. Maintenance will also collaborate externally with vendor subject matter expert (SME) services to provide support for critical systems and applications. The role of health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) experts are crucial in maintaining a safe work environment.

Out on the plant floor in the utilities industry, the Remote Expert app on DAQRI Smart Helmet connects O/Ms with experienced engineers and SME in a remote Integrated Operations Command Center. This allows the experts to see a first-person view through the eyes of the O/M to provide real-time guidance and even annotate directly in the local worker’s field of view. Connecting plant workers with experts anywhere in the world, DAQRI Smart Helmet closes the expertise gap and creates new ways for teams to collaborate and share knowledge.


Once, maintenance and repairs relied heavily on the master technicians who knew the plant like the back of their hand. But if more workers had access to the knowledge they possessed, new workers could be more productive faster, and complex tasks could be completed with fewer errors.

In a petrochemical plant, DAQRI Smart Helmet augments lock out-tag out (LOTO) procedures. O/Ms using DAQRI Smart Helmet can execute a work order on equipment more efficiently than ever before. In the Motor Control Center, the O/M places a VIN object LOTO tag on the motor starter bucket, as well a physical lockout tag. When other workers walk by, they can see information about the work taking place on that motor. At the equipment location, DAQRI Smart Helmet not only supplies all the detailed information in the work order; the 4D Viewer app provides guided work instructions to get critical equipment repaired faster, minimizing costly downtime.

Worker safety and uninterrupted operations are a win-win whether you’re in the field or on the factory floor. By providing O/Ms and plant operations with a Remote Expert app, Thermal Imaging camera, a 4D Viewer app and more, DAQRI Smart Helmet completely transforms industrial workflows. And we’re pretty sure, we’ve only scratched the surface here.

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