20 Hard Things About AR: Industry Partnerships

February 07, 2018

From a user's perspective, augmented reality may seem easy. Under the hood, however, there are a number of underlying technologies necessary to create integrated wearable AR experiences. In this mini-series, we’re pulling back the curtain with DAQRI’s experts to provide you with a better understanding of what it takes to deliver Professional Grade AR™. We recently discussed the importance of fluid tracking, making the virtual content you see as real as possible, creating a wide field of view, and user-centric models. In this episode, DAQRI Chief Revenue Officer Chris Kaufield discusses the importance of industry partnerships.

“Professional Grade Augmented Reality is about more than just one worker”

At DAQRI, we believe augmented reality maximizes the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of both individual workers AND workforces. Every industry has unique tools and requirements, and we know that enterprises need to leverage existing technology investments in order to drive productivity. Industry and technology partnerships bring existing data and tools to life in AR and are a core element of professional-grade augmented reality.

Our partners want to unlock the data, information, and 3D models that reside within computer systems and bring them to life in real world environments where they belong. For example, you can display asset information, such as maintenance data or real-time operating data, in context of the actual asset. You can also compare a 3D building design with what is actually being constructed on the job site.

What types of existing data and tools do you want to bring to life via AR? Let us know!