Unlocking Human Potential.

Bridging the gap between science and people.

Our Vision.

The barriers are all around us, but we’ve stopped seeing them. Society limits us and it’s holding back our progression.

Where there’s information, there’s possibility. The tools of the future will reveal that knowledge and set it free, to feed the progress of humankind.

Today, we’re starting to see progress. Our technologies are making a lasting difference for workers across industries, lifting efficiency, raising production and improving safety.

Progress is just that. Not the end of a journey, but perpetually at the start of one. Seeking, interrogating, failing, overcoming, advancing.

We’re at the beginning of what’s possible.

"We become so limited by this idea of technology replacing workers when the better idea is to power-up their senses and extend what they’re capable of doing."

Brian Mullins, Founder and CEO


Our Story.

Brian Mullins is an innovator who is relentless in the use of technology to empower people and unleash their full potential. Throughout his career, Brian’s entrepreneurial endeavors have leveraged mixed reality technologies to redefine what is humanly possible. As founder and CEO of DAQRI, an augmented reality company headquartered in Los Angeles, he creates exponential change with products that transform human performance and level the playing field for millions around the world. Brian is a frequently sought expert on emerging technology and in 2016 was invited to speak at both the White House and the first Congressional hearing on AR.

our team

Our Team.

From mechanical engineers to product innovators and multimedia specialists, DAQRI is a collective of the smartest minds in their field. Look deeper and amongst them you’ll also find budding pilots, music composers, and sports enthusiasts.

Diverse? Yes. But all united by the ambition to take humanity further.